Thursday, March 19, 2009

About Forexpk

It is a real pleasure to write that by the Grace of God, our website has emerged as one of the comprehensive web based research projects not only among the so many categories of but at the national level as well with due passage of time. As the name itself suggests, is all about Forex and business and is a proud product of KKI R&D Department. This is one of KalPoint's major and best hit categories and now stands as one of the premier business websites of Pakistan and a complete portal in itself. The project caters highest number of visitors on a daily basis and holds the honour of one of the most visited websites in which started off with just a few web pages is now spread over 800 web pages covering not only the currencies but other sectors of business as well. Initially this project was primarily focusing on currencies but now, comprehensive coverage is being given to different other business sectors including stocks, news both national and international, market commentaries covering currencies, stocks, oil, bullion, government policies, useful links, trade news and related policies as well and there is much information available on this project now for the domestic visitors, bankers, corporate customers, students and people involved especially in research projects. Some of the main services which are being offered are highlighted as under:Real time Forex rates and market commentaries:One of the most unique features of Forexpk is the availability of the current currency rates to the users, which is not available anywhere on the web from Pakistan. These rates are provided through the courtesy of Khanani and Kalia International (Pvt) Ltd. which are updated round the clock, number of times a day, so that the purpose of providing the most updated information to the visitors can be justified. This section establishes a general perception that KKI provides the most current, authentic and genuine rates not only in the market but on the web as well. Likewise, inter bank rates are also available which are displayed in collaboration with various banks including UBL and HBZ mainly. The real time rates are followed by the market commentaries, which are compiled by our Research team on a daily basis and cover kerb, inter bank and international markets. These reports are written in a way so that the market activities of the whole day can be concluded and the visitors may identify the major causative factors of the ups and downs of the money market in Pakistan on a particular day. Historical Rates and Charts:We also maintain historical rates and charts in the form of an Archive which contains the rates of last 14 years of all those currencies that are traded in the market. It is the only website across Pakistan which gives the users the past currency rates and charts of all the currencies being traded in the market. Thus you can obtain the rates of any currency that you want provided it is traded in the market by just selecting from given slots the required fields and you can get the desired results within a flash!National and international news:As an attempt to provide major national and international economic news to our visitors, the news section is present there. The national news section is covered up in special collaboration with Jang Group of Newspapers while international news is being grabbed from world's most authentic news sources. This feature infact keeps our visitors well informed with the latest and current happenings on an international level. International conversion rates:This page of the Forex category gives cross currency rates that are an important part of many of the world’s leading currency sites. The cross currency rates are available in a chart form and are taken from an authentic currency site. This chart provides a tabulated currency position of major currencies with each other that helps the users to identify the rates of the currencies crossing each other in the international market. Stock news and research reports:The coverage of national and international stock markets is yet another addition to the site that has added tremendously to the goodwill of our site that is reflected through the feedback received from the users. This section includes the daily news covering the major events of the major bourses at the international scenario. This section is helpful in gaining access to the noticeable events and news marking the national and international stock markets. is now emerging as one of the major sources of giving daily, weekly and monthly exclusive research reports of the major stock exchanges of Pakistan. Exclusive Articles and research reports:It is a firm belief that the writings of the prominent opinion leaders add to the authencity of any specialized site. And for a business site, its importance increases to further extent. In order to provide a special space for the valuable writings of eminent personalities, Forex exclusive section has been initiated. This section is specifically allocated to the people who write on specific issues related to the financial set up of the country. The Research team prepares periodical research reports covering currencies, stocks and major economic issues which already are creating a great impact among our valuable visitors. Recently, we came up with Economic Summary of Pakistan which was the first of its own kind in Pakistan and the effort was praised by masses. And this is just a glimpse what we are offering at! Our round the clock efforts are aimed to give our users the best, accurate and updated information. Every thing related to forex and various areas of business is included here. You are more than welcome to visit us and you will truly admit the fact that Forexpk’s new slogan is its true definition as it goes as “The Finest Forex Portal of Pakistan!

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