Thursday, March 19, 2009


Our company aims for leadership within the market while providing clients with top level services and trade conditions. Many of our services are our own inventions and we are pioneers in this field.Competitive interbank spreads.We offer some of the lowest spreads available on the FOREX. For “Standard” accounts, whatever the transaction value, the spread value is from 2 points for any of the world’s main currencies. Also, in response to clients’ requests, we provide accounts for beginners, with a minimum value of transaction of only $100! However the trade conditions for this kind of account are almost the same as for standard interbank FOREX and there is no commission upon beginner accounts.Examples:Account "Standard"Account "Beginner"EUR/USD2EUR/USD3USD/JPY3USD/JPY4USD/CHF3USD/CHF4USD/CAD4USD/CAD5GBP/USD3GBP/USD4EUR/JPY3EUR/JPY4AUD/USD3AUD/USD4NZD/USD5AUD/JPY5EUR/GBP2EUR/GBP4Price transparency.IFC Markets provides its clients with the ability to perform instant transactions online that refer to the current market quotations displayed on the screen. To perform a transaction you just need to click with your mouse, and transaction time will be only a few seconds. Our software guarantees total price transparency. This means that all clients have equal access to quotations.Commission absence.However high or low the value of the transaction, IFC Markets does not take any commission payments from its clients, even for “Beginner” accounts.Trade platform.IFC Markets always provides its clients with the most innovative and competitive services. We give our customers the ability to perform trade operations of any value; you can sell and buy as much currency as you would like. It is a perfect instrument for hedgers and international trade companies. Our trade platform provides a wide range of tools to analyze the market, and is always secure, stable, and fast. Constant upgrades of trade software guarantee that IFC Markets will continue to maintain a leading position in the area of Internet-trading.Analysis and news for trading.IFC Markets Company provides its clients with access to all the necessary market information and instruments such as news line, basic research of the market and perfect technical analysis.24 hours market with the wide range of products.Forex market works 24 hours, so our Clients can perform any kind of operation with all the main currencies regarless of the time.Competitive margin and small minimum values of the contract.IFC Markets provides its Clients with a competitive margin for trading. Usually, this margin is 1% of the value of transaction. This means that you will be provided with leverage as 100:1. You can perform transactions with small sums of money, such as $10,000 or even $100 for the “Beginner” account, that are usually reserved for large contracts.24 hours call center and tech support.IFC Markets is a global company that has clients all over the world. Because of this, we provide our clients with 24 hour support and help with any situation.

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