Thursday, March 19, 2009

Money withdrawal

For the comfort of our clients, requests for money withdrawal can be made straight from the trade terminal. Withdrawal is made according to the specifications that were entered during opening of trade account and is performed in the following way:
1. Open the “Withdrawal Requests” window through the “View” point of main menu – click on “Withdrawals”, then right click on the space within this window and select “New request”. The next window will be opened:

2. Select account type where the withdrawal will be performed, for example Bank Account

3. In the “Payment props” window your bank props will be shown. Make sure this information is correct.

4. Enter the sum you want to withdraw. Notice that this sum cannot exceed the sum of “Free Margin”. Then press the “Ok” button.

5. If everything is correct, then your request for withdrawal will be sent to processing and shown as active in “Withdrawal Requests” window.

During this process the amount of withdrawal will be frozen on the account and discounted from balance.

In this case the initial balance was 50,000. It was reduced by a withdrawn sum of 10,000 so that the final balance became 40,000.6.

You can cancel your request if it was not yet performed. To do so, right click the request and then select “Cancel Request” in the context menu.

Dear clients! Pay attention! If you have already performed money transfers to your trade account from payment props that were not entered as your personal data during the account opening, or from your credit card, then you will ONLY be able to perform withdrawal to your bank account! Withdrawal to E-Gold, Web-Money purse, etc. will not be performed! Remember about it if you do not have a bank account or you have not entered it during the trade account opening, because in this case money withdrawal will be difficult and will be performed only after our specialists contact you personally via phone or email in order to register your bank account. If you are not going to use a bank account or do not have one, then please do not perform transfers from unregistered digital purses and accounts, or your credit card.

Minimal sum for withdrawal is $1.

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