Thursday, March 19, 2009

Mobile trading platform

IFC Markets offers new software NetTradeX Mobile, developed by company specialists.NetTradeX Mobile allows to manage your trade account through PDA. Using NetTradeX Mobile, you don't need to stay near your computer, and you can take an opportunity of making deals in the financial markets from anywhere in the world. The possibility of trading through PDA is very popular among those traders and investors, who need the freedom of movement and the constant monitoring of their trade account.NetTradeX Mobile gives high functionality and convenience for the trader. The mobile terminal realizes all basic functions of stationary terminal, such as:fast opening of real and demo accounts;easy opening and closing of trade positions;setting and removing of orders, Trailing-Stop mode;trade and order history;monitoring of price change of trading instruments through Market Watch;monitoring of changes in the trade account through Margin Analysis;display of charts and graphical objects;withdrawal of funds;different interface settings.NetTradeX Mobile supports new devices with VGA mode. This mode allows user to see much more information on the PDA with screen resolution 640x480 pixels.NetTradeX Mobile works under the following operating systems:Pocket PC 2002Windows Mobile 2003Windows Mobile 2003 Second EditionWindows Mobile 5.0WM 5.0 for Pocket PCWM 5.0 For Pocket PC Phone EditionWM 6.x ClassicWM 6.x ProfessionalNetTradeX Mobile requires touch screen (stylus) and doesn't work under the following operating systems:WM 5.0 for SmartphoneWM 6.x Standard

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